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A Trip To Al Wabah Crater

A trip long overdue!

We were 4 photo enthusiasts in 3 vehicles.

Al Wabah is a marr crater approximately 2km in diameter. Our trip was planned taking into consideration the moon phase, so that we could shoot the milky way over the crater. 

And shoot we did except that some light pollution from the adjoining town brought in some haze. 

The Milkyway!


Patterns inside the crater, supposed to be phosphorus!

A look into the crater.

A panorama at sunrise!


Green Valley, Jeddah

A few months ago, we heard about this new locale in Jeddah. Green Valley! A place teeming with water. Green grass. And life.

People rave about this place. Some say its a natural water body in the middle of the Arabian desert. Some say the water is processed waste water. The truth is, nobody knows. The latter theory is the most probable.

Anyway. There is water. Flowing water. Maybe a mile long. And there’s fish too. God knows where they came from! An entirely new ecosystem has sprung up. Probably wild dogs are on top of the food chain. And lots of birds. Pity I didn’t have my telephoto.


I did get some shots of the nearby vegetation.

And where there’s vegetation, there are critters!

And like in every ecosystem, new or old, life is always accompanied by death. And here’s something that reminds me of that!

From The Beach……Again !

Looking back at my previous posts, it seems the beach is the only place I frequent. Well, Jeddah has a lot of beaches. And what else is there to here except frequent malls and beaches.

Anyway, it’s been more than a month since my last post and I felt I shouldn’t bore anyone with images of the beach or children playing on the beach. But what else is there to photograph the sunset and people playing ?

So here’s my attempt to do away with normal beach photos. Instead I tried my hand at abstracts.





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A Rainy Day !

It’s quite sometime since I made an entry on this blog!
Busy months at work and photography has taken a backseat.

But today’s another day and it has arrived with rain. It finally rained in Jeddah after a long two year break. You might think it’s been a heavy shower. You’d be wrong. Strong winds for around 15 minutes and a moderate drizzle for half an hour. And the rain’s gone as quickly as it had come.
The skies are clear now. But it’s a welcome relief from the otherwise humid heat.
There’s something about the rain. There’s a shine all over, instead of the drabness. Colors are more saturated and there’s a lot of texture everywhere.

Here are some shots, experimenting with double exposures:
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