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Through The ViewFinder, Today

As usual, I don’t get enough time to take pictures or blog.

So I decided to start a ‘ Through The ViewFinder ‘ Today/ Weekly/ Monthly series depending on how much and when I can shoot.

A big thank you to everyone following my blog.

Enough with the rant…..IMG_0620IMG_0624IMG_0621IMG_0646DSCF7492IMG_0628IMG_0643



The late afternoon is a difficult time to shoot, with the sun just overhead casting deep shadows and high contrast. Since beautiful cityscapes were out of the question, I decided on some tiles stacked up on the terrace.
I felt today should be about shadows.




The white balance was set to sunny. I could really appreciate the difference in color temperature in the highlights and the shade. Never appreciated this kind of stuff before.

Playing With Shadows

Shooting Ice becomes tiring after a while. Careful focusing with an adapted macro lens is painstakingly slow. The ensuing back ache becomes troubling and I found myself wanting to shoot something more relaxing.
That’s when I noticed these shadows. Funny I never noticed them before. I got my children to sit there.



I just had enough time to take 2 photographs, before they ran away. Children are so impatient!