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The Elements

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge





From The Beach……Again !

Looking back at my previous posts, it seems the beach is the only place I frequent. Well, Jeddah has a lot of beaches. And what else is there to here except frequent malls and beaches.

Anyway, it’s been more than a month since my last post and I felt I shouldn’t bore anyone with images of the beach or children playing on the beach. But what else is there to photograph the sunset and people playing ?

So here’s my attempt to do away with normal beach photos. Instead I tried my hand at abstracts.





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Darkness Of Dawn

A sleepless night. My clock reads 5am. Almost dawn! I took this opportunity to see if there was any possibility of a breathtaking sunrise. Unfortunately, there was none. Just a blue, almost featureless dawn. I said almost, since there were a few clouds in an odd haphazard fashion.
Wanting to capture those awkward clouds, I decided to shoot in monochrome and show the city in silhouette, thereby making the clouds more prominent and throwing the city in darkness.