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Through The ViewFinder, Today

As usual, I don’t get enough time to take pictures or blog.

So I decided to start a ‘ Through The ViewFinder ‘ Today/ Weekly/ Monthly series depending on how much and when I can shoot.

A big thank you to everyone following my blog.

Enough with the rant…..IMG_0620IMG_0624IMG_0621IMG_0646DSCF7492IMG_0628IMG_0643

A Trip To Medinah

It’s been a year since we went anywhere as a family. And we didn’t have enough time to plan a long exotic vacation.
So we decided to spend a few days in Medinah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque.
Medinah is a peaceful city. You have to visit here to understand. Unfortunately I cannot put this feeling into a image. It’s crowded and yet peaceful. There is something about this city. A tranquility I’ve never felt anywhere.
I decided to travel light and thus only took my much loved X100s and the TCL-X100 that I have been itching to try out.

We found a hotel, 5 minutes away from the mosque. The first thing I wanted to see was the view from the window. Not much, except it was just after sunrise and the city was slowly being washed in light.


Here’s another one, taken a few minutes later. Both were taken through very dirty windows, which I couldn’t open.


I took my 4 year old for a walk about an hour later and he was perfect to give the place a sense of scale


He also found this covered man hole interesting


The hot afternoon sun was perfect for shadows ( always a weakness for me)



We were back at the hotel during sunset and this was taken from the same position as the early morning shots. But I somehow managed to open the window this time.


And here’s my favorite camera


Walking In The Neighbourhood ……

It was surprising what I could find on an early morning walk in this most boring and ordinary neighborhood.
And I learned something from this as well. If you don’t find anything interesting, you can still shoot images of the ordinary. The things you find around you.

Like this, spilled cup of tea?


Or, this solitary crushed 7up can that some bored soul drank sitting boredly, on those uninspiring steps.


If u start to really look, you would probably see something like this everyday.
A bright, hot and hazy sunrise.


Speaking of sunrise, you can also see the light falling against the buildings, highlighting some surfaces and leaving the rest in shadow.


Almost every growing city has these old abandoned cars, left to rot in the sun. Ironically you see newer cars parked right next to them. As if that were some sort of statement. ??


And post boxes. What else can one use them for ?


And my favorite – The stray cat and her litter. Parking themselves near garbage dumps and near busy apartment complexes. The kittens peacefully having their morning breakfast.