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There’s Always Light.

It’s been a long dry spell. Had lost all hope of finding something to photograph.

I felt I should somehow photograph this darkness.

And what’s darker than Shadows ?







And from Shadow, I saw Light !!


Ice Spring…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”


Fun At The Beach………….With The Fuji X,

Its been a long while since my last post.

Well, after a rigorous two months of work, I took a break with the family and headed to the beach at Thuwal. It’s around 90kms away from here. Being far from bustling Jeddah, the beach isn’t much crowded and is pretty clean.

There were a few families spread across the straight coastline. Like I have mentioned before, photography isn’t much encouraged here, so I restricted myself to photographing the kids and our immediate vicinity.


And before i forget, my fun was with my Fuji X cameras ! Amazing sooc jpegs !

Darkness Of Dawn

A sleepless night. My clock reads 5am. Almost dawn! I took this opportunity to see if there was any possibility of a breathtaking sunrise. Unfortunately, there was none. Just a blue, almost featureless dawn. I said almost, since there were a few clouds in an odd haphazard fashion.
Wanting to capture those awkward clouds, I decided to shoot in monochrome and show the city in silhouette, thereby making the clouds more prominent and throwing the city in darkness.