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Taking A Peek

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge


Through The ViewFinder, Today

As usual, I don’t get enough time to take pictures or blog.

So I decided to start a ‘ Through The ViewFinder ‘ Today/ Weekly/ Monthly series depending on how much and when I can shoot.

A big thank you to everyone following my blog.

Enough with the rant…..IMG_0620IMG_0624IMG_0621IMG_0646DSCF7492IMG_0628IMG_0643


It’s been a hectic two months at work.

There has not been much time to dabble in photography. And thats made me very sad. And the climate in Saudi Arabia at this time of the year is hot and harsh, I’d rather sit at home than go outside. And it being Ramadan, I am usually too tired to go out anyway.

This scenario, meant photography would have to be indoors. And that lead me to try my hand at time lapse photography. What i am posting here is nothing spectacular. Just my first attempt at this genre for the first time.

I couldn’t come with a better subject than “melting ice cream”. It’s probably been done to death.

Anyway here it is:

And Thanks for visiting !


The late afternoon is a difficult time to shoot, with the sun just overhead casting deep shadows and high contrast. Since beautiful cityscapes were out of the question, I decided on some tiles stacked up on the terrace.
I felt today should be about shadows.




The white balance was set to sunny. I could really appreciate the difference in color temperature in the highlights and the shade. Never appreciated this kind of stuff before.

In Search Of A Story.

I was thoroughly tired of photographing at home. I wanted to get out and shoot something. Anything!
And that’s when I noticed the AC repair guy across my apartment. Grumpy young fellow. Doesn’t appear too friendly. But his workplace is cramped, dirty, dusty and haphazard.

Now, I am not the kind of person, who is good at small talk. I rarely start conversations and I am probably the last guy you want to be with at parties.
So, it was not going to be easy asking this guy about photographing his workshop.
I wanted to get in and shoot and I really wanted to try out my Helios 55mm outside the house. Thus , I gave in to self persuasion and asked him. He agreed and gave me 15 minutes. I think he was more curious than being friendly.
I got in, but what do I shoot ? 15 minutes is so short. Hastily I decided to photograph his tools. Unfortunately there weren’t much. Just a few old air conditioners and some hand tools.





Towards the end of my allotted time, I asked to photograph him. He declined politely and I think he was glad I left.
I felt good. It’s not about the photographs. They aren’t outstanding in any way. I just did something I usually would not, and it wasn’t unpleasant.

Dental Armamentarium

A busy day at my dental practice means a lot of instruments to be washed and sterilized.
I never considered photographing dental instruments before. But this blog has me looking for images everywhere.
So here they are a : few dental armamentarium



And here is the loading bay of the autoclave where all these instruments will sterilized after being pouched.


By the way, I am a dentist. At least when I am without a camera.

Playing With Shadows

Shooting Ice becomes tiring after a while. Careful focusing with an adapted macro lens is painstakingly slow. The ensuing back ache becomes troubling and I found myself wanting to shoot something more relaxing.
That’s when I noticed these shadows. Funny I never noticed them before. I got my children to sit there.



I just had enough time to take 2 photographs, before they ran away. Children are so impatient!