Arabian Off-Roaders.

Deserts may be huge wastelands to most of us living here.
But off roading is a popular leisure activity here.

I recently read somewhere that, over grazing, poaching and frequent off roading are some of the major reasons for loss of habitat for desert fauna.
I managed to snap a few images of some “off roading” and what i feel are human marks in the arid and gravelly deserts of Arabia….








Arabia – A Rocky Experience !!

First, let me wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.
We were on a vacation and just returned after an interesting trip traveling around Saudi Arabia.
We were traveling with small children and didnt get to explore the desert landscape the way I wanted.
The first few photos are from the area outside Medinah




But it was a different experience than I imagined. I always imagined the Saudi desert to be filled with sand dunes, once you get past the highways.
But I was proved wrong. The deeper we went, the rockier and more gravelled the desert. Vegetation was sparse. But when we did see vegetation, there was a lot of it.
Most of our travelling were in Medinah and Riyadh areas.
Riyadh was rocky, but deserts near Medinah were more typical with dunes.

Here are a few from the Riyadh area






I feel it would be incomplete to show how we humans enjoy the desert.
I will pot a few images in the next post.