A Rainy Day !

It’s quite sometime since I made an entry on this blog!
Busy months at work and photography has taken a backseat.

But today’s another day and it has arrived with rain. It finally rained in Jeddah after a long two year break. You might think it’s been a heavy shower. You’d be wrong. Strong winds for around 15 minutes and a moderate drizzle for half an hour. And the rain’s gone as quickly as it had come.
The skies are clear now. But it’s a welcome relief from the otherwise humid heat.
There’s something about the rain. There’s a shine all over, instead of the drabness. Colors are more saturated and there’s a lot of texture everywhere.

Here are some shots, experimenting with double exposures:
Anyone reading this blog, please do leave a comment.
Thank you,






2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day !”

  1. Very interesting, beautiful photos. Yes, there is indeed something very magical and stimulating about rain…the whole landscape changes. Everything is transformed. Dazzling new textures and colours emerge and everything becomes sharper, the air more alive with scent and feeling and taste, the senses heightened and dazzled. These images illustrate that feeling and mystery so well. I am especially struck by the last one, but love them all. Excellent work! Jubilant cheers to you,

    smiling toad


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