The late afternoon is a difficult time to shoot, with the sun just overhead casting deep shadows and high contrast. Since beautiful cityscapes were out of the question, I decided on some tiles stacked up on the terrace.
I felt today should be about shadows.




The white balance was set to sunny. I could really appreciate the difference in color temperature in the highlights and the shade. Never appreciated this kind of stuff before.


A Rainy Day !

It’s quite sometime since I made an entry on this blog!
Busy months at work and photography has taken a backseat.

But today’s another day and it has arrived with rain. It finally rained in Jeddah after a long two year break. You might think it’s been a heavy shower. You’d be wrong. Strong winds for around 15 minutes and a moderate drizzle for half an hour. And the rain’s gone as quickly as it had come.
The skies are clear now. But it’s a welcome relief from the otherwise humid heat.
There’s something about the rain. There’s a shine all over, instead of the drabness. Colors are more saturated and there’s a lot of texture everywhere.

Here are some shots, experimenting with double exposures:
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