Being A Pilgrim

This year marks an important event for me. My wife and myself undertook the Haj pilgrimage this year.
At first I didn’t want to document this journey as a lot of scholars are of the opinion that anything apart from prayers are against the spirit of Haj
But to me this is probably an opportunity of a lifetime. There might not be a second Haj!

Anyway there were more videos than photos. I didn’t take any piece of valuable equipment with me. So every image was shot using an iPhone.
Again no fancy shots here. Just “documenting” and admittedly I couldn’t whip out my phone every time. For the first time in a very long time my passion for photography took a back seat. After all we were here to pray and in the process, understand more about our religion and what being a Muslim means. Going through around 16 images that I shot, I decided to forgo all the images you routinely see on the web or tv.

Thousands of people walking to The Haram in Mecca.


Mina: Where pilgrims camp during Haj.


Prayers In Arafa. The most important place and event for Haj. An entire day of praying:



Pilgrims patiently waiting for their turn at the public toilets:


Waiting for the train that transports the pilgrims between Mina, Arafa, Muzdalifha and Jamaraha



And here is me, trying the best I can to be a Pilgrim and document what I see.


Thanks to everyone reading or glancing through this blog!!


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