Walking In The Neighbourhood ……

It was surprising what I could find on an early morning walk in this most boring and ordinary neighborhood.
And I learned something from this as well. If you don’t find anything interesting, you can still shoot images of the ordinary. The things you find around you.

Like this, spilled cup of tea?


Or, this solitary crushed 7up can that some bored soul drank sitting boredly, on those uninspiring steps.


If u start to really look, you would probably see something like this everyday.
A bright, hot and hazy sunrise.


Speaking of sunrise, you can also see the light falling against the buildings, highlighting some surfaces and leaving the rest in shadow.


Almost every growing city has these old abandoned cars, left to rot in the sun. Ironically you see newer cars parked right next to them. As if that were some sort of statement. ??


And post boxes. What else can one use them for ?


And my favorite – The stray cat and her litter. Parking themselves near garbage dumps and near busy apartment complexes. The kittens peacefully having their morning breakfast.



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