Tree Chopping In Ramadan

I was tired and fast asleep, when I was vigorously woken up by my children, shouting about a tree being chopped. And they wanted me to take pictures.

So I got up and took my camera and went to the balcony.
We live on the 7th floor of a large apartment building, so we have an “aerial view”.
I looked down and saw they were chopping up the only tree that provided us any shade in this sweltering heat, and they were already half done.
It was already 6.30 pm and there was a little more than a half an hour for Ifthaar (time to break fast in Ramadan) to begin.
Unfortunately I don’t have any images of the tree in its full glory. And guess what? I don’t have any after it was chopped down. Instead I have these:

A tree being chopped down and the first thing I noticed was this guy on his phone


Here is this person seated calmly and looking at the operation


A few branches kept aside right below our balcony


The hired “choppers” preparing and pulling down a branch. The second photo is a little soft.



Here are some people walking through the jungle of branches and leaves


Then there’s the guy with the electric saw, surveying his handiwork


It was getting late. Almost time for Ifthaar. So here are the workers, finished with all the culling and waiting for the prayer call, to break their fast. In case  you’re wondering, they are going to eat Al-Baik Chicken (the local chicken fast food delicacy)



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