In Search Of A Story.

I was thoroughly tired of photographing at home. I wanted to get out and shoot something. Anything!
And that’s when I noticed the AC repair guy across my apartment. Grumpy young fellow. Doesn’t appear too friendly. But his workplace is cramped, dirty, dusty and haphazard.

Now, I am not the kind of person, who is good at small talk. I rarely start conversations and I am probably the last guy you want to be with at parties.
So, it was not going to be easy asking this guy about photographing his workshop.
I wanted to get in and shoot and I really wanted to try out my Helios 55mm outside the house. Thus , I gave in to self persuasion and asked him. He agreed and gave me 15 minutes. I think he was more curious than being friendly.
I got in, but what do I shoot ? 15 minutes is so short. Hastily I decided to photograph his tools. Unfortunately there weren’t much. Just a few old air conditioners and some hand tools.





Towards the end of my allotted time, I asked to photograph him. He declined politely and I think he was glad I left.
I felt good. It’s not about the photographs. They aren’t outstanding in any way. I just did something I usually would not, and it wasn’t unpleasant.


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